Understanding Men and Women

Men and Women: How We are the Products of Our PastMen and women evolved over a 450 000 year period known as the stone age. It was during this period that our psyches developed. Civilisation is at the most 10 000 years old, and only then in some parts of the world. We can see that the mind has evolved to fit into a world very different from that in which we live.During this long period people lived in small groups. Women banded together within them, caring for children, cooking and gathering food. Whatever women did, they were also caring for children. We can see today how women find it much easier than men to do two things simultaneously.The children were cared for by the group as a whole much as by their mother. When a woman was heavily pregnant or otherwise indisposed, she and her children were dependent on the other women in the group. The female mind has therefore evolved to quickly create strong bonds with other female members, on whom she would from time to time find herself dependent. Women generally need to be with other women for mutual support. We can see how quickly rapport develops between women who meet for the first time.The men served the women by bringing them food, providing shelter, protecting them from wild animals and from men from other tribes. The women therefore strived to keep the men, especially the leading men, happy and sexually contented so they would not stray to other tribes.They would also seduce any visiting man if possible, to get him to join the tribe, thereby making it stronger. We can see today how women often take an interest in a non-local man.When women mated with men, they looked for the strongest. The strongest in a primal sense, the dominant leaders who controlled the rest of the men and took food off other men, leaving them with only just enough to be of servile use to them. All the women were unconsciously drawn to them, for if their children inherited the genes of such men, they were more likely to survive in the brutal world in which they lived. So, the strongest perhaps five percent would mate with all of the women. The weaker men would not mate at all because the women would not want to mate with them, and the strong men would keep the women for themselves. The weaker men were only there to serve the stronger men, perhaps fetch the firewood and do the dirty work.Women always resisted the advances of the less stronger men of the five per cent, hoping to catch with the stronger ones. As with animals, they ran away or tried to push them off. Shouted at them and gave them a hard time. Those who were persistent and confident got to mate. The weaker ones were weeded out. In this way the women mated only with the strongest of the strong.We can see even today in our modern world how women often find strong and uncaring and selfish men sexually attractive. We often find women mating with the strong alpha guys who mate with many women. Today though because we no longer live in a tribal environment, a woman has to subsequently pair up with a weaker, beta man to provide support for her and the children, and may also have children by him. He raises the children of the alpha man as well as his own. Whilst married to the beta man, she still yearns for the alpha man who got her pregnant for the first time.The beta man does all society tells him is right, but is secretly despised by his wife, for reasons he does not understand. He is the man who does no wrong but can do no right, whilst the alpha man is the man who does no right, but can do no wrong, much to his confusion. Of course ideally a woman will both mate and marry an alpha man who is also loyal, a marriage made in heaven for her, but hell for the man because he can still have lots of others but is stuck with her!What makes it even sadder is that the children of the beta man are likely on average to be weaker than those of the alpha man, and also likely to be loved just a little bit less than the child on the alpha man whom she secretly yearns for. As generations of beta men pass on their genes, the general health of the human being gets worse, were it not for modern medicine.Men needed to predict where and when animals would be available for hunting. So the male mind began to become more future orientated, and less in the moment than the female mind. Men hunted and fought, skills which required complete concentration for short periods of time. He had to trap and build shelters, these skills require an innovative mind that can solve practical problems with materials.We can see today that men tend to choose jobs which are either of a practical nature or require innovative thought. Most engineering accomplishments have been made by men. Most inventions are by men. Wars are still fought by men. Most farmers are men, farming being a substitute for hunting. Most fishermen are men too.Today we live in a world that does not accommodate many of men’s or women’s instinctual needs very well. Men need to fight to form a hierarchy and establish who is alpha, who is an alpha contender, who is a beta male. They need to be able to provide food, shelter and protection for their families. But in a world where his wife often earns more than him, these instinctual needs are denied him.Women have similar problems, they need to mate with the strongest only. They need to test men for strength. They need to spend more time together with other women while caring for children, but now spend much time in the workplace, away from their children and often other women.

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